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  • Brow Maintenance 101


    Are you keeping your brows in top shape? Eyebrows are there to frame your face and protect your eyes – plus we would not look right with them, see these celebrity examples.

    Your Brow Maintenance 101:

    – Shaping
    Start with finding the eyebrow style that suits your face shape, our guide is so easy to follow! There’s no one-size-fits-all formula so keep that in mind when tending to your brows. If it’s your first time shaping your brows, we recommend going to a professional and discussing what shape and how you’d like them shaped e.g. waxing, threading. Then any at-home shaping can be done with a mirror and pair of tweezers, remember to mark out your arch and follow our blog post. Take it slow and steady and avoid plucking too many hairs!

    – Growth
    Eyebrow hairs naturally fall out over time, but due to over plucking and shaping or other reasons there could be sparse areas and gaps. If it’s not easily to conceal with makeup, a growth serum is a great step to replacing those hairs and encouraging healthy growth.

    – Tinting
    The most exciting part of our brow maintenance! A brow tint can instantly transform the shape and colour of your brows and last 3-4 weeks. Try using the 30 Day Brow Tint, available from Boots, to tint your brows at home. Simply mix the correct quantities of the dye cream and lotion together to create a paste, then apply to your brows before removing. Once removed your brows will look fuller, darker and healthier than before – and it’s completely waterproof, meaning there’s no need to apply makeup whilst you’re on holiday!

    – Makeup
    To give your brows an extra boost after tinting, using makeup products are a great way to fill in any gaps and accentuate its shape. We love using a highlighter above and below the brow bone which gives off a gorgeous shimmer. For a natural brow look, powders and pencils are a great alternative to fill in sparse areas and mimic hairs.

    What are your best brow maintenance tips?

  • 10 Things To Do Whilst Tinting Your Brows Part Three


    We all like to multitask our to-do list, because the quicker the chores are done then more time we have to relax and do the things we actually want to do! Tinting your brows could mean a trip to the salon and spending over £15 for a fresh set of brows, only to go back a few weeks later for a top up. You can save time and money with the Colorsport 30 Day Brow Tint, which you can use in the comfort of your own home and tick off that to-do list. See what you can get up to in just 10 minutes whilst tinting your brows:

    1. Read the next chapter of your new book.
    2. Send a letter or postcard to a friend or relative – like traditional snail mail!
    3. Re-organise your kitchen cupboards, and throw away anything out of date.
    4. Take an online quiz. Want to find out which Harry Potter character you are? We love Buzzfeed for fun quizzes.
    5. Plan your weekend ahead.
    6. Learn something new!
    7. Splurge on those new pair of shoes.
    8. Listen to a podcast.
    9. Give someone a call and make their day!
    10. Leave a review on our Facebook page, we’d love to know what you think.

    Catch up with Part One and Part Two of our 10 Things You Can Do Whilst Tinting Your Brows series.

    Try the Colorsport 30 Day Brow Tint, available from Boots in Black and Dark Brown RRP £8.25

  • Summer 2017 Beauty Tips

    Summer Beauty Tips

    With holidays and trips away in the diary, it’s time to start thinking about your summer beauty routine. As the weather changes, your skincare and beauty products should change to reflect the new season and we’ve asked our experts for their best tips:

    1. Only take the essentials on holiday with you.
    It’s tempting to cram everything into your travel beauty bag, but you have to remember that you’re only away for a certain time and how much are you likely to use? Make a list of your essentials and decant them into smaller pots and sizes to make them more travel friendly!

    2. Always apply SPF.
    Even in the cloudy British weather the sun’s harmful UV rays can still penetrate your skin. So it’s recommended to wear a minimum coverage across your face to prevent ageing and apply to the rest of your body as and when appropriate.

    3. Tint your lashes and brows.
    We hate reapplying our makeup throughout the day and having a product which is waterproof, doesn’t smudge or disappear throughout the day gets the thumbs up from us! Try our 30 Day Mascara and 30 Day Brow Tint kits for your own at-home lash and brow tinting at a fraction of the salon price.

    4. Treat your hands and feet too!
    Feet have been stuck in boots all winter and our hands have bared the brunt of the colder weather, so it’s time to give them a make over! Treat your feet and hands to a soak and scrub, followed by a deep moisturiser and nail polish shade of your choice.

    5. Buff your body.
    For flawlessly tanned and smoother skin, using a body scrub or buffer is the quickest way to reach gorgeously smooth skin. Try using a scrub once or twice a week to help renew dead skin cells and leave it looking refreshed and brighter!

    6. Protect your hair too.
    Sometimes we forget that our hair and scalp needs just as much protection as the rest of our body does! Pack a hat in your hand luggage and run your hands through your hair with any left over suncream to protect the scalp.

    What are your best summer tips? Share in the comments below!

  • How To Find Your Eyebrow Arch

    How To Find Your Arch

    The saying “eyebrows are sisters, not twins” runs true when it comes to finding your eyebrow arch. Not every one eyebrow is the same and neither is your eyebrow arch! By finding where your eyebrow begins, ends and arches, you can create a defined eyebrow that adds shape and creates the right symmetry with your face overall.

    How To Find Your Eyebrow Arch:

    – Find where your eyebrow starts by holding an eyebrow pencil parallel to the side of your nose and where the pencil meets your eyebrow, mark this as the start.

    – Find where your eyebrow ends by angling an eyebrow pencil from your nostril towards the point of where your eye ends and where the pencil meets your eyebrow, mark this as the end.

    – Find where your eyebrow arch is by holding an eyebrow pencil vertically and line it up with the far side of your iris and where the pencil meets your eyebrow, mark this as your arch. Arches should never end with a point but naturally curve.

    Have you found your eyebrow arch?

  • Eye Makeup Trends To Try This S/S17

    Eye Makeup Trends

    Each season there’s a new makeup trend to try, whether it’s highlighting and contouring or graphic eyeliner and ombre lips. On the catwalks this season we’ve seen some dramatic looks and also au naturel styles, and here’s our top eye makeup trends to try this S/S17:

    – Eye gloss. Forgo the matte style and give glossy lids a try! Apply your normal eyeshadow on your eyelids then use a clear gloss and apply on top for a wet lid look.

    – Metallic eyes. Add a wash of metallic shimmer with a flat brush to press onto your eyelids. Then use a lighter shade in the middle of your eyelid to help draw attention to the center of your eyes.

    – Au naturel. We personally love this trend, leave out the mascara and use our 30 Day Mascara to add a natural colour tint to your eyelashes. Or if you can’t go without mascara, we love using a dark brown!

    – Neon eyeliner. Add a colour pop to your eyes with a graphic eyeliner flick in a neon or bright colour. Just make sure you have a steady hand to draw your line!

    What is your favourite eye makeup trend?

  • The Benefits Of Tinting Your Eyelashes and Eyebrows


    Sometimes the thought of tinting your own eyelashes and eyebrows at home can be a little daunting. But it’s actually surprisingly quick and easy with our 30 Day Brow Tint and 30 Day Mascara Kits. Here’s our top benefits of tinting your eyelashes and eyebrows:

    – You get to do it in the comfort of your own home. No more trips to the salon, but you can do it whilst reading a book or watching TV!
    – It takes just a few minutes to apply. Think the process is complicated? Think again! Our kits take between 2-5 minutes each and are just two easy steps each.
    – Each kit is great value for money. With up to 12 applications per 30 Day Mascara and up to 16 applications in every 30 Day Brow Tint for as little as £8.25 from Boots, you’re averaging at 51p per application!
    – You’re left with gorgeous lashes and brows for up to 30 days! The permanent colour will last on your eyelashes and eyebrows until the natural hairs fall out. It gives them a defined and glossy colour – as the perfect base for your makeup.

  • How To Care For Your Eyelashes


    Your eyelashes can be very delicate and need a lot of care, especially after wearing mascara and false eyelashes regularly. Treating your eyelashes to some TLC every now and then can visibly improve their strength, thickness and fullness.

    – Use Vaseline petroleum jelly to condition dry and brittle lashes (Tip, apply it with an old and clean mascara brush)
    – Avoid rubbing your eyelashes as this can lead to breaking and lash fall out
    – Limit how often you wear false eyelashes to give your eyelashes a break!
    – Use special supplements. If your eyelashes are in a particularly bad way, there are over the counter supplements you can try to help boost them. Visit your chemist for their opinion.
    – Always remove your makeup and use soft cotton pads soaked in eye makeup remover to gently dissolve the makeup and avoid pulling on your lashes

  • 10 Things You Can Do Whilst Tinting Your Eyebrows Part Two


    With the modern day’s time pressure on, we’re always trying to fit more into our day. So why not try multi-tasking with our 30 Day Brow Tint and save yourself a trip to the salon?

    Once you’ve applied our eyebrow tint to one eyebrow, set the timer to 5 minutes and try one of our ‘things you can do’. Once the 5 minutes is up, remove and apply on the next eyebrow and set the timer again! See what you can get done in 10 minutes:

    – Watch a Youtube video
    – Empty the dishwasher
    – Call and make an appointment (is your haircut long over due?)
    – Write down 5 things you’re grateful for
    – Meditate
    – De-clutter your purse (all those lurking receipts and out of date vouchers!)
    – Plan a day out with your family and friends
    – Write a diary entry
    – Read the news
    – Upload your eyebrow tinting selfie on Instagram. Tag us with @ColorpsortUK and #Colorsport and we’ll re-post you!

    Catch up with Part One of 10 Things You Can Do Whilst Tinting Your Eyebrows.

    Try the Colorsport 30 Day Brow Tint, available from Boots in Black and Dark Brown RRP £8.25

  • Essential Eyebrow Tools and Brushes


    Keeping your eyebrows in check used to be quick work with a tweezer once a month and possibly a brow pencil if you’re feeling fancy. Since 2010, the eyebrow category has expanded massively and now there’s a product and tool for everything you can imagine. To help you work through the bad and the good, our experts have summarised their essential tools and brushes for keeping your brows in check:

    1. Tweezer. The classic tweezer is still very much so in demand for general maintenance and keeping eyebrow arches in shape. There’s many different shapes and sizes, but our favourite is the slanted tweezer which can easily grab eyebrow hairs for precise plucking.

    2. Spoolie/Spiral Brush. New to the makeup brush gang, the spoolie brush is a spiral shape brush and is ideal for combing through eyebrows to arrange stray hairs or for distributing makeup.

    3. Small Blender Brush. If you like using a highlighter to accentuate your eyebrow arch, a small blender brush is ideal for blending the product and ensuring a seamless finish.

    4. Hand Held Mirror.
    We love the mirrors with a magnified side so you can really see all your eyebrow hairs! This is great for precise plucking and makeup application.

    5. Cotton Buds. We’ve all been there when we’ve applied just too much makeup or accidentally got our 30 Day Brow Tint on our skin. Just sweep away with a cotton bud and voila, you eyebrows didn’t know a thing!

    For a natural and long-lasting colour all month, try the 30 Day Brow Tint (in Dark Brown and Black) for at-home tinting and gorgeous brows! Shop now at Boots for £8.25.

  • Our Many Eyebrow Problems…


    Did you know there’s a hashtag all about sharing your eyebrow problems? We’ve all been there when we got a little too friendly with our tweezers and ended up with no eyebrows or thick caterpillar eyebrows when we’re gone in too much with our powder. And now we’re sharing our eyebrow problems with you:

    – They’re overplucked and sparse.
    Down to the fact we’re trying to even them in shape (see point 2!) and now we have a pair of thin and sparse eyebrows for the next month.

    – They’re not matching.
    The phrase ‘eyebrows are sisters and not twins’ is a common and very true phrase. Don’t spend time trying to get your brows even, concentrate on making them looked groomed!

    – Not finding the right shade.
    Matching your eyebrow shade to your hair colour isn’t a good practice. Try using a mixture of shades until you find the right one for you.

    – They’re shapeless.
    Another common eyebrow problem, but one that’s easily fixed by finding your arch. Hold a makeup brush parallel to your nose, this is your starting point, then hold the brush parallel to the outer edge of your iris, this is your arch, and finally extend the brush diagonally from the nostril following the outside edge of the eye towards the brow, this is where your brow should end.

    – Applying too much makeup.
    The good thing with makeup is that you can just remove it if you’re not happy! Start very light handed and try to use small brush strokes to mimic the eyebrow hairs as naturally as possible.

    What’s your biggest brow problem?

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