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September 2017

Why Lash And Brow Tinting Are Amazing


If you didn’t know already, tinting your eyelashes and eyebrows at home with our 30 Day Kits gives you some pretty amazing results. With our 30 Day Mascara Eyelash Tint Kit your eyelashes look fuller and darker from root to tip, whilst the 30 Day Brow Tint Kit defines and adds a natural shape to your brows. So why is lash and brow tint so amazing?

– It’s long lasting
The fab thing about our tinting kits is that they won’t come off with your makeup at the end of the day. After tinting your lashes and brows, the colour left behind is 100% waterproof and naturally fades throughout the 30 days. It happens as your tinted lash and brow hairs naturally fall out and grow back new non-tinted hairs by the end of the month, starting the whole tinting process again!

– It takes just a few minutes
If you’ve seen our 10 Things You Can Do Whilst Tinting Your Brows series, you’ll know that tinting your brows takes no time and it’s even quicker with the eyelash tint! It’s important to keep a timer for each stage of the tinting process, but each one takes no more than a few minutes each. Meaning you’ll have gorgeous brows and lashes in a blink of an eye!

– It’s a salon alternative
If you think about the time and money spent at the salon getting your lashes and brows tinted on a monthly basis, don’t you think this could be better spent? Not only are our 30 Day Kits much quicker (see above point!) but each kit includes multiple applications, making it cost effective too. In the 30 Day Mascara you’ll getup to 12 applications, costing 68p each and in the 30 Day Brow Tint you’ll get up to 16 application, costing a tiny 51p each from the £8.25 RRP.

The Colorsport 30 Day Mascara and 30 Day Brow Tint Kits are available in both Dark Brown and Black at Boots stores and boots.com at £8.25 each.

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