30 Day Mascara
In less than 2-3 minutes, 30 Day Mascara gives your lashes permanent colour that looks natural. With two applications per month colour lasts up to 30 days until your lashes fall out and are replaced by new ones. Your eyelashes appear darker, healthier and elegantly defined from root to tip giving you a more dramatic look.
  • STEP 1) Clean your eyelashes throughly with a non-oily cleanser in order to remove any make-up and natural oils. Contact lens wearers should remove their lenses.
  • STEP 2) Before dyeing, apply a small amount of thick skin cream or petroleum jelly under the eyes, carefully avoiding the lashes, in order to keep the eye protection papers in place and keep the dye off the skin.
    DO NOT MIX the Eyelash Colour Solution 1 and the Eyelash Colour Gel 2, but follow carefully Steps 3 to 5.
  • STEP 3) Dip the tip of a cotton bud into the Eyelash Colour Solution 1 and apply several coats onto the eyelashes, so that they are soaked through. Leave on for 1 minute and WITHOUT RINSING OFF proceed to Step 4.
  • STEP 4) Apply about 1 cm of Eyelash Colour Gel 2 onto the provided eyelash brush, working it into the bristles. Then brush through the lashes.
  • STEP 5) Wait for 1 minute, then rinse off with some shampoo or soap or with wet cotton pads.
  • IMPORTANT: Avoid contact of the Eyelash Colour Gel 2 with the skin, as the dye could stain for 3-4 days. Should you need to remove stains from the skin, dip the tip of a CLEAN cotton bud into the Eyelash Colour Solution 1 and rub on the stains.

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  • The dye kit can also be used on eyebrows to help frame your face and enhance your features.
  • For a wide eye yet natural look, try using 30 Day Mascara and then apply a little regular mascara to the outer edges of the eyes only.
  • For a stunning and more intense look, or to give your lashes more volume, apply ordinary mascara over the top of your dyed lashes.
  • Ensure perfect coverage of white hair: it is very important to apply a sufficient amount of the gel on the brows. If when applying the Gel 2 the mascara brush is used too often and using too much pressure, there will be not enough Gel 2 left on the eyebrows. It is very important to apply enough gel to get a good coverage.

We have made a few important changes to our Colorsport 30 Day Mascara. Due to European legislation, lash tinting products containing hydrogen peroxide are “for professional use only” if they are intended to be applied on the eyelashes. The European legislation does not allow products to be sold at retail with hydrogen peroxide, which are intended to be applied on the eyelashes, even if the level of peroxide is very low.

As a result, we have reformulated the Colorsport 30 Day Mascara which is now quicker and hydrogen peroxide free. The new formula uses a new process and ingredient, please read the instructions very carefully and watch our tutorial here, which both explain the new application method.