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September 2017

Tips For Healthy Lashes and Brows


Every day we’re applying a new lotion or potion to ourselves, but how much attention to we apply to our eyelashes and eyebrows? Our experts have shared their top tips for healthy lashes and brows:

1. Apply castor oil and vitamin E.
This age-old home remedy helps lashes to grow longer and stronger. Simply mix a small amount of castor oil with a few drops of vitamin E then brush onto lashes, coating from root to tip. Leave on overnight then rinse off in the morning. Apply every night and watch your lashes grow longer and stronger!

2. Brush your lashes and brows.
Throughout the day dust and dirt becomes stuck in your lashes and brows, preventing growth. Each night use a clean spoolie brush or old mascara wand to brush through your lashes and brows, stimulating the hair follicles for new growth.

3. Keep on top of your grooming.
Use a pair of tweezers to remove any unruly eyebrow hairs every few weeks and follow our tips for keeping your brows in shape!

4. Avoid clamping down on your eyelash curler.
If you squeeze too hard with your eyelash curler, this can cause damage to the roots and can even pull out lashes. Use gentle squeezing motions to curl to achieve a natural curl.

5. Always remove your makeup.

Keep the area around your eyes clean and free from any dirt and makeup to give your lashes and brows the best environment for healthy growth!

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