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October 2017

Tips For Using Our Lash And Brow Tint Kits


Tinting your own eyelashes and eyebrows at home can seem daunting at first, but our 30 Day kits are so easy to use with instant results – plus saving you a trip to the salon every month! Try our tips and tricks for using our lash and brow tint kits:

– Use a timer
It’s very important to keep track of your timings when using a tint kit on your lashes and brows, this determines whether the kit is successful or not. Use the timer on your phone or a kitchen timer to keep an eye on your minutes.

– Follow the instructions and watch the tutorials

In just a few simple steps your lashes and brows will be transformed and instantly shaped and defined, but always after you’ve read the instructions! Too much of one solution could mean the tint is ineffective and the wrong application could end up with the tint not applying at all! Check out our tutorial videos here.

– Leave the tint on for a darker result

Everybody takes to our tint kits differently, some people find a few minutes is perfect whilst others need extra time for a darker result. When using our 30 Day brow Tint, leave the tint on your eyebrows for a maximum of 5 minutes and with our 30 Day Mascara, leave Solution 1 on for an extra few minutes for a darker result!

– Always apply a patch test
With any tinting kit, it’s so very important to carry out a skin sensitivity patch test before starting the process. We posted about the importance of a patch test on our blog and how to carry out the test yourself to rule out any allergic reactions.

What are your tips for tinting your lashes and brows at home?
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